Drablak is a thoom, is male, and is an Explorer Mystic!

With PTF we went to Gungla Island [GI] recently. I want to find a way to enter the Sul'ran Oasis and visit the temple in there. The Oasis is in the Gungla Desert which is in the northwest part of the island. I had an idea that I thought had merit about how to gain access to it but we tried it a couple of zodiacs ago and it didn't work, so we decided to go in search of clues.

I had never been to the Gan'Vara part of the island and I was interested in visiting so there we went. Azriel has mapped the island extensively and so he was chosen to be our guide, except for the castle for which J'jh is the designated tour guide. It's a very beautiful place and I'd like to go back and spend more time there. The Headwater Grove is especially nice.

On a side note, I want one of those nice offices in the castle. It needs a little dusting but it's otherwise very well decorated.

We didn't find anything yet but I'll look at my notes and see if I can figure out something else to try.

I've continued my cloud research also, and once I tried to jump from the cloud with the help of Shakyamuni and Connie. Cold and Snowy was particularly busy and we had to retreat a couple of times before we could jump.

Then this morning I was coming out of the librarie just to put up a Koppi ad and BAM! all of a sudden I'm the focus of a 113 rats, 28 GV, one (?) vermine and one LDV. A good thing Geo was around to save me.


Shakyamuni said...

You are having way more fun than I am these days hun. I have to get out more

Anonymous said...

When are you usually in the lands? I've been trying to get access to the cloud, but haven't been able to find anyone who can let me in.