Cloud People

Who build the Cloud? Is it build, or was it a natural phenomenon that was harnessed? In any case, someone built the mirrors and the portals, and someone built the control room on the Cloud.

We don't know anything about who they were or where they went. I wonder who the Cloud People were...

Perhaps we'll find clues in those books in the control room. I've managed to decipher some of that triangular script so at least I can tell where the cloud is now. I'll start to study the books themselves and hopefully I'll be able to learn more about the Cloud People. Perhaps in one of those books are the answers I seek. Who were they? Why have they left? How did they use the Cloud and the Portals? Why aren't there any structures on the Cloud (except the control room), no sign of habitation? Perhaps we've not found them yet. Perhaps in one of those books there will be a clue telling us where to dig to find other signs of the Cloud People.