Another milestone

Well I was thirsting for fermented fish oil, you know how that is I'm sure, so I tried to enter Pucks and almost fell down on my face inside as I stepped right in the front door without so much as a pause. I was so expecting the usual scowl from the burly doorman that it took me a moment to realize I was actually inside.

Now that Bree fellow knows how to size his customers as he immediately offered me exactly what I wanted. Hmmmm! I considered never leaving the pub but then decided instead to go buy a couple of kegs to drink with Connie in town center, but by the time I went to the bank and to the brewery she was gone and so I'll tap them open when more friends are available to drink with me.



Cloud in the sky

I've been on a few adventures recently but I've been remiss in updating my journal. Among the events of recent times there is also a great sorrow as one of Puddleby's finest is going on a trip to distant shores. Sor's contribution to Puddleby are many and I can say I was fortunate enough to have travelled a bit with him. He is someone that made you stand straighter, go further and push you to be a better person. He could be exasperating at times, but he always said his mind and stayed true to his ideals. His departure is a great loss both to Puddleby and to the Sundragon Clan, and also to myself. His departure also makes me rethink of my place in Puddleby...

On the flip side I had the pleasure of seeing Babajaga in the lands again recently. Baba was nice enough to give me a chance when she accepted me into PTF almost 15 years ago, when I was just a recently accepted apprentice. Before that I had read stories of her adventures and explorations and I thought I'd never be part of such great adventures. I sent my application without really believing I'd be accepted into that select group of elders. It turned out I was invited as a guest to an exploration of Kismia's Island [KI]. It was exhilarating and it seems I did ok, since I was invited in the group shortly after that. It was the beginning of a long and joyful journey with a group of people interested in solving mysteries and exploration. Recent years have been less and less challenging to this type of group, with little to tickle our minds and drive us forward. PTF became some kind of hunting group since there is nothing to explore nowadays. Babajaga has not been seen in a while and many in the group have left completely. Seeing Baba again in the lands was very nice. She asked me where my scrolls were and since I can't refuse her (I owe much to her) I put them back in their usual place. I don't plan to update them but who knows...

So we went to the Ethereal plane [EP] with Babajaga to gather ethercles. Nothing has changed in EP in recent years. The ability to dispel ethereal clouds is still eluding ethereal scholars. That ability would have been useful on our trip when we crossed a passageway and there was a cloud in the destination snell. The very first time I went to EP was the subject of my very first journal entry in the summer of 544. I've explored EP many times since and eventually became an ethereal scholar. Not that great an accomplishment considering that all the fighters and healers I know find EP to be a boring place.

In our previous trip with PTF we went to the Orga Outback [OOB] to have Azriel check for advanced paths. I had plenty of opportunities to test my OOB makro, which can determine a path through OOB between any two snells. I decided to write this makro some time ago after a trip to OOB were I felt I had let Yor down because I couldn't tell him how to go fetch someone (ok, it was Baba :) who slipped. I used it repeatedly on this trip as we wanted to check all the snells and at one point Shaky slipped and I could easily tell Yor how to fetch him and come back.

I also participated in a failed attempt at getting a group to Faleen Sfoft Peak where you can buy parachutes. From a mystic's standpoint cloud driving is the most boring experience you can have, frankly. I kept getting this mental picture of a cylindrical object with a copper top for some reason... Basically our participation is to sit down in a place that is more boring than town center while others run around trying to move the portal(s) and jumping off the cloud. It would be nicer if we could at least have a sense of where the cloud was, but we have no way of knowing that.

I don't know who build the cloud (if it was built), and I wonder who were those who build the control room. This is a strange puzzle, and we have no clue at all about it. I guess some day it'll become clear when some new information literally falls from the sky...