Orga Ire

So we sensed that there was a special orga that was hiding somewhere. Apparently this orga is part of a new tribe or orgas. People went to all places to try and find it and Andarius was the one who found it. I happened to be close and located him after he fell to an Orga Ire. He was in Greymyr Village (I was hiding at the quarterstaff vendor). I went to see what it was and check on Andarius but I met a group chaining him and luring the Orga Ire out of the passes as they were going through the south pass well. It seems that my irresistible smell attracted it and it immediately started to run after me!

After that it went downhill (did you know that Greymyr Village is higher than East Forest?). It seems that this Orga Ire is part of a new tribe that isn't in good terms with the usual orga tribe that lives around Snaggy. I'm not sure why exactly, and I guess that it's one of the things we might have learned if things had gone better. A massive group of Old Tribe Orgas fell on us in south pass entrance and slaughtered us (well I'm sure I was a 'slaughter', perhaps Althea was a 'kill').

Most of those in south pass departed since the whole area was filled with lightning and BROs [Big Red Orgas] and things were bad elsewhere too. We joined the rest of the exiles who were trying to lure the Ire to the Orga Camp [OC]. Kani was doing a fine job of luring it but somewhere in Tanglewood when the support team fell back and we lost cohesion. I was chained back to town to be raised and went back to East Field to join the forces but by then the Old Tribe Orgas had taken the field and I fell to lightning a few feet from the East Farms fence.

By the time I was raised I had to leave but I heard that the battle continued long into the night and that it was ultimately unsuccessful in the sense that we failed to learn more about that new tribe of orgas. It is intriguing and I hope we'll be able to learn more in the near future.


Out with friends

I was able to join a couple of my clan's hunts recently. Hunts happen at a time where I'm usually stuck in the library so it's not often that I can attend. I'm always happy when I get the chance to stretch my legs with my fellow Sundragons. This week we went to Cimmbrion's garden maze. A place I know well but that many are not familiar with. It is located on Ash island and there are scarmis there. It was fun but I had to leave early. I took the time to go see the museum piece that Sor made in honor of the Sundragon. As always I was amazed by his skill.

A bit before that I went with a few members of PAG to visit the 3rd pathfinder's book in the cave near the waterfall. It was more difficult than it would have appeared at first, with many of us falling on the way, but the usual few survived and managed to get us on our feet. Azriel is one of the most advanced pathfinders and he was able to open many new paths recently. There is a lot of exploration to make! These are great times.

I've been a part of PAG for about 4 years now but I haven't had the chance to join as often as I'd like. This group has worked very hard to reach the deepest parts of the caves under the Orga Stronghold, in the hopes of one day finding the way to the Stronghold itself. With recent breakthrough to the second pathfinding book that also revealed the key to the 3rd book, we think we are close to making significant progress.

These are exciting times indeed!