A chain of events...

It goes like this:

I was exiled on Lundi, day 88 of summer 541

I was promoted to apprentice mystic on Sombdi, day 49 of autumn 542

I was promoted to journeyman mystic on Soldi, day 7 of winter 546

I was promoted to full mystic on Lundi, day 65 of spring 553

I got married to Shaky and Nettle at an fmocr and got a strange looking stone on Soldi, day 4 of Autumn 555

Then, after months spent studying hard (special thanks to Talin and Yosaku for the help with library costs) I was finally able to help with the exploration of the Foothills by teleporting Fundin's group deep under the Orga Stronghold on Fordi, day 31 of Winter 556!

It's been a long road leading up to this event but it felt good to do my part in the exploration of the most remote frontier of Puddleby Island. An explorer mystic's dream come true! Whatever Puck thinks of me, I believe that's quite an accomplishment ;-)