Exploring KI paths

I had a wonderful time today with PTF and friends. We went to KI to explore the new path that has been discovered there recently by Talin and that she explored with Azriel. We also wanted to check some of the other paths that have been spotted but that so far no one can enter.

It's been at least four years since I stepped into KI interior, so I had to get my catsbane necklace from storage and dust it off a bit before we got started. We went near Fat Alice's hut at the west entrance and I marked a spot with the Strange Looking Stone I recently acquired at my wedding. I was a bit nervous since I am still not used to this skill and since the Stones are so hard to come by and so fragile, it's not something you get many chances to test. But Yor assured me everything would be fine since it's not a long distance I would have to teleport, and we could always do it in many steps. So in to KI interior we went.

It has been so long since I had this much fun! I had forgotten how exhilarating KI interior could be. I had to dust off not only my necklace, but my dodging skills as well. We went to check the cave that Talin discovered but found nothing new, although there is a mystery because there is a hole with some kind of ledge that we can't reach. It looks like there is a statue on it, but it seems hidden in part by stones. Not very surprising considering the frequent rocks falling in that cave.

We also checked a number of paths that none of our expert path finders could enter. I scanned the areas beyond and found mostly lyfe and snakes (cave cobras I think).

After we were done exploring we went back south and near the west entrance and I teleported the fighters near Fat Alice's hut successfuly while the healers pendanted. Woo! That was cool :-)



Puddleby University

I was in town today and Harper asked me to join the staff of the Puddleby University. I'm honored to be asked to teach and I gladly accepted. I knew that others already teach about the Ethereal plane but she said that more teachers means being able to cover more people as not everyone follows the same schedule.

She gave me a tour of the University class room and other faculty rooms and I was really impressed. She gave me a key to the University and a ring and we talked about classes and how the University works. She was very interested in the Ethereal Plane and she has an inquisitive mind :) All in all it was a very nice chat and I'm excited about teaching a class. I'll have to work on preparing my class as I'm not sure I can fit all I have to say in just 30 mn...


Starting a new journal

Well I am trying out this new format of scrolls. I've had a lot of fun working on my scrolls over the years. Yeah, it's been years, 12 puddle-years to be precise (3 OOC years), since I started my scrolls. I've worked very hard on them, spent hours creating guides and maps, and spent time writing my thoughts in my journal. It's been a fun ride but I am ready for something different.

First because I need something new to keep me interested, but also because of the lack of feedback I received when I asked for it. I got about 5 letters and a couple of nods in town, and some of them were mostly about the new look or about a broken link somewhere. There are much more hits than that small feedback seems to suggest, so what does that mean? I'm not sure, but it's not very encouraging. It's not really nice but I have to be honest about it. I've spent so many hours working on those scrolls that I need to have the feeling that it makes a difference, that people appreciate it. The vast majority of the time it feels like it didn't make any difference at all. No newbie came to me saying how it helped them adapt to his new life in Puddleby. I wasn't made a Friends of Dawn by my former clan as someone who helps newbies. No one came to me saying "hey I liked your map of the scarmis pen, would you like to come with us, we're going there?"

Then there's the fact that most of the feedback I got was by people interested in my journal and asking for more entries. I kinda painted myself in a corner with my journal entries. It became a chore to write a journal entry because in my mind it required something important to happen and then it involved a lot of technical tweaking just to write an entry, with all the indexing, linking and other stuff. So it wasn't easy, and writing your thoughts should be easy and straightforward. Otherwise you wait until something big happens, and then it's an even more daunting task.

So here in this new format I can write my thoughts more easily, without worrying about anything else but what I feel like writing about. Perhaps nobody will read it but writing a journal will help me. If others read it and enjoy it, all the better. So I'll try this and see where it takes me.